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Sciacca, Italy


Popular Theater of Sciacca


Personalized armchair

Number of seats



The Popular Theater of Sciacca, also known as the Samonà Folk Theater, named after its designer Giuseppe Samonà, was designed in 1973.

The installed K901 X armchair have been designed specifically for the Popular Theater of Sciacca. 842 seats produced and installed in just 2 months from the order.

Inauguration of the theater was on 22/05/15 which was attended by Interior Minister Angelino Alfano.

The structure: Parallelepiped, cone and pyramid, pure opposing solids, make up the formal design of the project. The stage with the services for the artists and the show develops in the parallelepiped of the central body to which the inclined cone trunk and the semi-pyramid are joined. The body of the theater is surrounded by functional elements (stairs, shelters, exits) that, in the idea of ​​the designers, “hook” the theater to the urban fabric of the territory and enrich its pure geometry. Entirely made of exposed concrete, the theater surfaces have been decorated in some places. Alberto Samonà with Giuseppe Bentivegna, a craftsman from Sciacca, provided the iron decorations depicting the eye, the ear and the bucranium placed on the two short sides of the rectangular parallelepiped and on the semi-pyramid.

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