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Rome, Italy


India Theater


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The India Theater was created as an alternative to the main location of Teatro di Roma after, Teatro Argentina. The project was directed by the then artistic director of the Teatro Argentina, the actor and director Mario Martone, who personally chose the name of the new building: India. The toponymic choice is linked to the fact that the other building also has an apparently name of nation: so India wanted to evoke, in the name, a place rich in history and memories.

The original structure of the theater is made up of some warehouses that once housed the Mira Lanza factories and solvents factories: located near viale Marconi, they had been abandoned in the early fifties and later became the headquarters of the Rancati warehouses, well-known theater and cinema equipment company.

Interested in preserving the heritage of industrial architecture that the former Mira Lanza complex constituted, the Municipality of Rome worked to acquire a part of it. In the summer of 1999 the restoration work was completed, which was inaugurated in December of the same year under the name of Teatro India.


The historic building has sloping roofs, is divided into three naves and covered with dark brick, with the proportions of the two harmonic rooms (and recently also recovered a third) that allow – therefore – a scenic frontality is collected or deep, but the at the same time they are spaces in which you can also imagine theatrical actions with a circular plan, itinerant, concentrated or on more vertical levels; all this, thanks to the modular capacity of the spaces, ready to respond to the most complex needs of contemporary scenic joints.


In 2015 the Capitoline Superintendency of Cultural Heritage of Rome Capital, entrusts us the supply of the new K800 armchairs with the customization of the intermediate padding upholstered in the same fabric of the seats.

300 armchairs were supplied and installed with only thirty days from the order.


K800 armchair

k800 armchair

The demand for an economic product by the customers, have led us to create a model of economic chair without neglecting the basic principles of our company (quality, comfort and design). The K800 armchair meets all the features required for theaters, auditoriums, conference halls.

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