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Carrara, Italy




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The Teatro degli Animosi, was built between 1836 and 1840 by the architect Giuseppe Pardini from Lucca. It is located in the medieval and Renaissance center of Carrara

The facade of the theater, of classical inspiration, is on two floors. The central body of the building has an upper loggia, supported by a base of marble pillars of the Carrara quarries. The upper floor is instead characterized by a marble balustrade, decorated with garlands of flowers, with architrave windows.

A large portico decorated with a double row of marble columns leads into the entrance hall. The portico is enriched both by the Chalk models of Music and Poetry by Carlo Chelli, which are found inside niches on either side of the entrance, and by the bas-relief medallions by Carlo Nicoli representing the greatest Italian musicians and poets. The atrium leads to the first-floor corridor from which there are two semi-circular marble stairs leading to the gallery.

The inside of the theater is embellished by the copious use of the white Carrara marble, finely worked and used both in small details and ornaments.

On the first floor of the building there is the Ridotto degli Animosi room, which is full of stuccos and mirrors, and was considered the “good living room” of the city as it hosted the meetings organized by the bourgeoisie of the marble industry of Carrara. Following the last renovation, the LCF was chosen for the preparation of the new seats. The theater was set up with 188 armchairs model K905 X, embellished with countless accessories (armrest in solid wood, medium backrest casing in beech wood, initial wood sides and ends) made of beech wood first choice painted cherry wood. The armchairs are also equipped with numbering places and rows made with plates of engraved brass.


k905 X armchair

K905 X armchair

Alternative version of the K905 armchair, the K905 X stands out for its full-length side panel that is completely covered. The K905 X represents a good value for money solution, guaranteeing the basic principles of our company (quality, comfort and design).

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